Our Mission

Hope.Cloud is a Hope Channel media platform designed to empower the global Church’s evangelism efforts to deliver the prophetic Adventist message of hope to the ends of the world

Mission Passport

A tool that streamlines processes, research, and tracks outcomes.


A video management platform that allows content to be shared throughout the Global Network.


A beautiful interactive Bible studies that connect students with God’s Word a bridges them with their local Christian community.

Website & Apps

A publishing system that allows you to publish your content on all platforms, sharing with a global audience.

Message from the President

Hope.Cloud was created with your needs in mind. By simplifying access and settings for all our services, including Jetstream Studio, Mission Passport, Jetstream Stock, and more, we can focus on our mission of spreading the Good News of hope and healing to the world. Join us in using Hope.Cloud to make a positive impact in the lives of people around the globe through the Hope Channel network.

-Derek Morris, President of Hope Channel International, Inc.


I stand in awe of how the Holy Spirit has used this program to bring me closer to making a commitment to serving Him full-time. Soon, I will be investigate & apply for this to actually happen. If it is His Will the door will fly open & I will be accepted & it if it isn't, He will slam that door closed. The peace is that if He closes this door that He will open another one! I'm excited & looking forward to where He leads me. I do request prayers that His Will be done. Hallelujah & thank you to everyone that has put their time and effort into sharing this program. I'm in hopes that I will be able to go back through it, as I would routinely like to refresh myself.

Stewardship Course

It was useful because I understand what I'm going through and learned to cope with my situation. I have insomnia and can't seem to concentrate on my work. I get anxious when I read work emails and doubt my capability of accomplishing tasks that I would previously do. My kids have noticed my change in mood as I'm a talkative person but I have gone quiet. Get dizzy spells and neck pains. I avoid social media.

Mental Health Course

I would like to reiterate that I really like the course very much and it is extremely helpful, useful, and highly beneficial to my daily prayer life. I can say that the presentation of the material and the learning process are, in fact, greatly satisfying in all areas of the lessons learned. I would sincerely like to express my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Rev Pastor Pavel Goia and his team of expert mentors as well as his ministry for providing this invaluable prayer course online with great love and concern for believers wanting to grow strong in prayer life in order to make a closer and deeper relationship with the Lord. Further, I assure you that I will try to invite my interested friends to join the course. May the Lord always pour out His abundant blessings in all areas of your God-given ministry as well as entire families of your congregation. Amen!

Bible Study on Prayer

I am really stirred and uplifted. This lesson comes timely. Though I sometimes pray, I didn’t know for sure what prayer was. The presentation of the material is so simple for everyone to understand. And I would request you a copy of these that I translate it into Kinyarwanda for my wife. She has the same problem as me. Thank you Pastor for your help. God bless you!

Bible Study on Prayer

“It's working perfectly and with this, you have saved a lot of stress on how to stream to the studio from a remote location. Jetstream is the best platform that has happened to us (Hope Channel Malawi) thanks once again!”

Jetstream User

Recently, we were able to deliver a 23 hour evangelistic series called “Revelation Speaks”. We were using Jetstream’s restream Feature which was one of the most technically important pieces for a reliable viewing experience. It has helped raise our standards.

Jetstream User

One of the biggest things I think that benefited us is just how it showed us that using the metrics, and the algorithm on social media can be manageable. I think the information has blessed me both in how I can archive and create video content, but also just planning future topics for content

Jetstream User

I've seen videos where they've just presented it and it looks like just too overwhelming tasks trying to figure out how to reach a specific audience and use the software platform. And I was just amazed at how Jetstream manages it for you. I honestly think that moving forward, this is going to be a huge factor in evangelism in the future, too, because that's the new face of evangelism, and a lot of ways the new mission field is the online community. So thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Jetstream User

As we look to the future, Jetstream Stock is one of the most anticipated features and streams 2.0 would some of the most anticipated features. The tools have been a tremendous blessing.

Jetstream User

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